Topic: Apology for the SPAM/crap attack

We've pruned all those unworthy recent registrations and emails.

We've also locked down the registration process a little, but it may yet be too loose. If more crap is posted, we'll tighten that process some more... which may inconvenience genuine registrations...

  - Mike

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Re: Apology for the SPAM/crap attack

Yep, still the crap arrived, and "still the wonder grew"... [Google it! - The Village Schoolmaster; Oliver Goldsmith]

The Spambots are a nuisance... Why are the Russians so interested...

Registration process tightened further a few days ago, and no crap has appeared since.

...here's hoping...

  - Mike


Re: Apology for the SPAM/crap attack

Hmmmm.... still a few irrelevant arrivals - person(s) and/or computer(s), and their "emails"! Apologies if you spot any before we've spotted/removed them...

  - M.


Re: Apology for the SPAM/crap attack

Please suggest me some way to kept me out of that trouble.

If you are using PunBB, or similar, then most of these products now support "CAPTCHA", and you can activate that option for new registrations.

And/or, you could change the registration code to ask the new user a very simple question - but one which an automated program would not understand. Such as: "What's the product of 2 and (2+1)". In the code, vary the values, operations, brackets, etc.

Frequently, new registrations have to be confirmed: the registration system sends an email to the new member, and expects it to be confirmed within, say, 24 hours. That should confuse some automated systems.

Sometimes, all new registrations have to be vetted by a human, but that might increase your own workload...

  - Mike


Re: Apology for the SPAM/crap attack

N.Andrew wrote:

You could, for example, this combination: recaptcha at registration, automatic cleaning of non-activated profiles, some kind of botblock (registration validator?).

Thank you.

Yep - I activated some of these options some time (years!) back, and the crap-level has reduced massively. Still a few, but the new accounts get deleted because they're not active, or are totally irrelevant, or are clearly on some "advertising" campaign, etc...

  - M.