Topic: Did you email us on about 3-4 March, 2006?

If you sent us an email re PatchCRT on the above dates, and got no reply, and you still want a reply, please re-send the enquiry.


I did get the email initially on a PC which does not clear down the messages on the server, and which is used intermittently to just "view" the pending messages. I read the email at that time, did not respond, and then deleted it on that PC.

A few hours later, I re-retrieved the messages from the server, into a different PC, and deleted them on the server. I expected to see the same message. It was NOT downloaded. I don't know how it disappeared - a glitch on the server; an anti-spam tool; it got deleted during the initial "view"?. Maybe even the original sender could have located and deleted it?


  - Mike


Re: Did you email us on about 3-4 March, 2006?

It's over FOUR years, so the query hardly matters at this time - I should have deleted the thread!

Also, and surprisingly, PatchCRT is still being used quite a lot - based on feedback. The only problem that arises is where the executable is "compressed", and users have difficulty de-compressing it before running PatchCRT. But, that issue is covered in the docs, and on some other websites which refer to PatchCRT.

  - M.