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Topic: Install PunBB?

The installation notes at are brief! In a little more detail, here's what's involved in installing PunBB at an ISP ( in this case):

  - Note that all Foldernames and Filenames are probably case-sensitive.

  - Firewall/Privacy issue: When an Admin or Moderator logs in, PunBB tries to verify the authenticity of the caller - some checks are based on the  HTTP_REFERER (or Private) Header. Your Firewall must allow these headers - in my case, I had to "allow" the Private-Header (in the Privacy tab in ZoneAlarm) on the website.

  - Create a folder at the ISP/Server site, which is accessible to the relevant audience, named, say, "forum".

  - Download PunBB, decompress, and copy the contents of the "Upload" folder into the new "forum" folder. When copying the files, ensure that the "case" of all filenames is preserved. Eg, if the "English" sub-folder is copied as "english", you'll have problems later! Or, if the "styles" files (Cobalt, Oxygen, etc) are not copied correctly, the styles options won't function.

  - PunBB can run on a MySQL, or PostgreSQL, or SQLite DB. Normally, I would prefer PostgreSQL, but there seems to be more add-ons, support, etc, for PunBB when it's run on a MySQL DB. I choose MySQL.

  - Access MySQL at the ISP/Server, and create a DB for PunBB - named, say, "punbb". (Note that a fully-qualified MySQL DB name may then be composed of the website username, an underscore, and the assigned DB name - eg, MySite_punbb. Similarly for the fully-qualified structure of MySQL Usernames.

  - Add a "PunBB" User to MySQL.

  - Add that User to the new PunBB DB. (It's easy to forget this bit!).

  - If trying a re-install, and no existing data needs to be preserved, then access the PunBB DB, and delete all tables in it. (Maybe use a tool like phpMyAdmin, or similar).

  - Run the "install.php" PunBB script, and fill in the requested fields - DB name , username, passwords, email addresses...

  - When advised, copy the suggested "config.php" to the main PunBB folder.

  - Finally, sign-in to the forum, and configure the Categories, Forums, Options, etc.

  - Many add-ons are available - etc, etc. Visit

Based on my experiences of and PunBB, I recommend both VERY HIGHLY.

Corrections welcome!
  - Mike


Re: Install PunBB?

The site uses a standard "forum" program called PunBB. You can click on the link at the bottom of any page here, to get to the PunBB website.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands!) of other sites also using the same engine, though others may have adopted different "appearance" options.

  - Mike