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Topic: Hi!


I've just set up this forum, using PunBB (, partly to investigate these "forum" matters, and partly to provide a mechanism to share knowledge, resolve issues, etc.

Over recent years, I've shared hundreds (probably thousands) of emails with users of LesSpace, PatchCRT, etc. In many cases, it would have helped if many of these discussions were public - on a forum like this - whereby others could contribute to and learn from the exchanges. Some issues arise repeatedly, and one thorough treatment in a public forum would have been valuable. I appreciate that these tools are now way past their "best-by" dates, but (as of early 2006), there's still traffic on LesSpace, PatchCrt, running "Old-Apps", etc.

Of course, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware are still major topics, but other sites are much bigger, well established, and much more focussed on these specific matters, and I do not intend dealing with them here in more detail than is already covered on the website.

PunBB seems to be a "lean, mean" fast product. Installation was quite easy, but - in my case - not trivial. I should prepare a short paper on the install, and perhaps post it here.


  - Mike

PS: As is common with forums like this one, Posts which are obscene, abusive, irrelevant, etc, will be pruned automatically and unmercilessly! And especially when they're from suspect email addresses or websites.